Blossom of the Month Club 
Sometimes you just need to treat yourself!
When you sign up for the Blossom of the Month you will receive our surprise featured hair clip each month.  You can cancel any time.  This is a subscription, so you will be charged each month.  You will be charged on the day that you joined.  Say you joined on December 15, your next payment would be January 15, February 15 & so on.  You must join by the end of each month in order to receive the next months blossom.  That way we know how many we need to make.  If you join after the last day of the month, you will not receive the next months blossom.   Say you join January 1, you will not receive January's flower, your first flower will be February's. 
This is a Preorder.
 Shipping is included in the price.
You may cancel at anytime.
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Blossom of the Month Club FAQ

Q- I have more than one subscription, will my Blossoms of the Month be sent separately?
A- Your blossoms will be shipped together in the same box unless you specified a different address or person that they should be sent to.
Q- Can I pick the color blossom I get?
A- No, the color and type of blossom is picked by us...if we let you pick it wouldn't be a surprise.
Q- I joined on the 16th and it's the 25th now, I still haven't received my Blossom of the Month.
A- The Blossom of the Month is sent out once a month to everyone that ordered. When you sign up for a Blossom of the Month, you are pre-ordering for the next month. For example, if you sign up in May, you are pre-ordering the Blossom for June and it will be sent out in June. You will get the next month, not the month you purchased. 
Q- Can I send my Blossom to a friend as a gift?
A- Yes! We are happy to send your "BOM" anywhere you like. Just keep your address on the account and email me with the name address of who you would like to send it to. We will even add a card if you like! 
Q- Can I choose the size of the Blossom of the Month?
A- The BOM may or may not be able to be adapted to a smaller size. If you request to have yours made into a smaller size we will be happy to do so on the ones that it is possible. If it is a piece that is not adaptable you will receive the regular size that everyone else also gets.
Which plan is for you?


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