Belle's Seasonal Beauty Box

Belle's Beauty Box is a subscription to a quarterly seasonal surprise box of 3-5 vintage style beauty accessories. It will include flowers and could also include fascinators, feathers, headbands, scarves, jewelry, snoods, combs, or anything else we think you will like. It is all beautifully packaged and sent to you. It's the perfect gift to give yourself or anyone that loves vintage fashion!

This was our first Beauty Box.It contained: Chiffon Scarf in your favorite color, Hanging flower clip storage, Belle's Bobbies, Earrings, Zinnia, a Camellia or Poppy & Clematis Cluster.

Belle's Beauty Box FAQ:

Q- I have more than one Belle Blossoms subscription, will my club items be sent separately?

A- Your blossoms will be shipped together in the same box unless you specified a different address or person that they should be sent to.

Q- Can I pick the color blossom I get?

A- No, the color and type of blossom is picked by us...if we let you pick it wouldn't be a surprise.

Q- I joined on January 16th and it's now February 25th, I still haven't received my order.

A- The Belle's Beauty Box is sent out quarterly to all members. When you sign up for a Belle's Beauty Box, you are pre-ordering for the next delivery period.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you join in the months of March, April or May you will receive the Summer Box in June.
  • If you join in the months of June, July or August you will receive the Autumn Box in September.
  • If you join in the months of September, October or November you will receive the Winter Box in December.
  • If you join in the months of December, January or February you will receive the Spring Box in March.

UNITED STATES $38.97                                     


 CANADA $48.97 


*Please choose the Subscribe button. The order button bellow does not work.

*Discounts and and coupons do not apply to this item. There is a glitch and the system will accept them, but you will receive an invoice for the difference.


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