Audrey's Convivial Chrysanthemums
I found my smile getting weary pondering the loss of summertime blooms
The idea of days getting cooler and picturing harsh wintertime loom
My eyes have grown so accustom to viewing the colors summer brings
The sun burning bright and hot, causing the flowers of summer to sing
The watermelon days of summer always fly right past my eyes
And contemplating the coldness never ceases making me sigh
Just as my eyes start to water at the passing of my dear summer friend
I look down and see grinning petals that remind me color has not met its end
For each season has its own color and while summer months seem to have all
My heart jumps as I reach down to pat the heads of the perfect, smiling mums of fall
-Miss Moose

Chrysanthemums were put on this earth to balm our wounded hearts at the passing of summer. Meet Belle Blossom’s newest friend, Convivial Chrysanthemum
This delightful chrysanthemum measures about 4", is lightweight, and sits flat against the head, so it is very easy to wear. It is attached to a single prong clip with a strip of our special fabric to make it non slip. It comes in 4 different colors, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple.
The yellow snood that the lovely Miss Moose is wearing with the Golden Yellow Chrysanthemum isn't included, but don't worry...you can get one right here! http://www.littlebellesboutique.com/category_83/Snoods.htm


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