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Monday May 17, 2010


This is a super sweet card I got in the mail from one of my adorable customers! I wanted to thank you personally. Thank you for my 1stnot last Blossom! It was beyond perfect! And I must say, super fast shipment! I wasn't expecting to see it so soon! Once again, just a little thanx, and I will be purchasing another Blossom very soon!


Friday May 7, 2010

New York

I just received my Belle Blossoms today! I had ordered two Pink Orchids, and they are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. THE most beautiful artificial flowers I have ever seen. The clips are perfect... they stayed put the entire time I wore them. Absolutely gorgeous :. My dad didn't believe that the weren't real, I had to show him the clip ha! Beautiful work!


Friday March 5, 2010

My favorite thing about Belle Blossoms? They blend well into my hair and you can't see the backs. They look organic and soft and never just "stuck" on my head. Thank you. You do really nice work. I am looking forward to the new flowers.


Friday March 5, 2010

Loving Belle Blossoms! The rose hair flowers feel exactly like real roses. Woah!


Tuesday February 16, 2010


Lisa Freemont Street would be lost w/out you! Though I wear other blossoms from other stores, my heart and hair is officially belongs to you! So well made and so 'lush'. Thanks so much for all you do, Heather...:


Saturday February 6, 2010

New York

I knew you would do a perfect job but it was even more than I expected. I ordered the peacock feather clip to wear in a Hulu & Bollywood dance recital. So far I have worn it in rehersals & it dosen't budge. It's beautiful & matches both costumes. Thank you Heather.


Tuesday December 29, 2009


Received my first order first of many to come and absolutely loved both items. I was throughly impressed with the intensity of the shade of the burgandy lily and the green feather clip is beyond gorgeous. I feel instantly more glam with it. My hubby loved it too!!!!


Tuesday December 29, 2009

Santaaka the boyfriend gave me three of your flowers for Christmas. I got the lovely Gardenia, Norma Orchid and the Burgundy Lily. I heart them so, so much. Thanks so much for such beautiful, high quality hair flowers.


Wednesday December 23, 2009

Just wore my new spider orchid while walking through hurricane force winds and it didn't budge!


Wednesday December 23, 2009


I just knew I could trust Lisa Freemont Street's review of your store! Love that gal. I received my order the other day and everything is beyond perfect. I will definately be ordering more. Thank you.

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