Large & Luscious Roses 13 Colors
     Each of these gorgeous roses measures about 5" in diameter. They are attached to a large duckbill clip to give them plenty of stability.
"Alice" Rose. The deep red color of this gorgeous rose immediately brought to mind Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland'.  Brighten your 'Golden Afternoon' by adding this brilliant blossom to your collection.  The large 5 inch diameter makes this one even more 'stand-out'. 
"Glenda" Rose. A shade of pink like this hasn't been seen since Billie Burke descended to Oz in her pink bubble. 'Glenda the Good Witch' would have been proud to pair this blossom with that famous dress, and so will you. The sheer size and quality of this one will make you the envy of 'witches' everywhere...

"GiGi" Rose. "Ah, I remember it well". This rose boasts beautiful sunset pastels, reminiscent of a Minelli backdrop. Lovely subtle oranges, golds, and green mingle together to create a gorgeous accessory that will be suitable for all skin tones.
"Mrs. Miniver" Rose. I think it's lovely to have a flower named for oneself"-Kay Miniver
"Emma" Rose. This gorgeous shades of light tan rose speaks to the Jane Austen fan in me. Delicate enough for daytime events and weddings, this large 5 inch blossom could never be mistaken for a 'dreary little flower'.
Buttercream Rose. This soft buttery yellow rose is simply delicious! 
Pure White Rose. Perfect for weddings or anytime.
Pale Ivory Rose                     Blush Pink Rose
                                       Bubble Gum Pink                       True Red
                                            Dark Violet                   Autumn Leaf Brown


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