Gene's Delphenium

These gorgeous Delphenium blossoms are so wonderfully easy to wear. They come in 7 different colors and you get to pick what they are attached to. Each blossom measures about 2.5" and lie very flat against the head making them the perfect flower...even for someone just starting out wearing hair flowers.
Choose between 7 delightful colors, Golden Yellow, Burgundy, Orange, Dark Purple, Blue, Ivory, Light Purple, and Turquoise. Get them attached to Grip-Tuth Combs, Bobbies, or one on a clip.
Blue is sold out.
Golden Yellow (out of stock)
Burgundy (out of stock)
Dark Purple
Ivory (out of stock)
Light Purple
Single Prong Clip
Bobbie Set add $5.00
Grip Tuth Side Combs add $8.00
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