Learn about Grip-Tuth® Technology:

Grip-Tuth® (pronounced Grip-Tooth) Hairtainer sidecombs are the best sidecombs in the world. Each Grip-Tuth® sidecomb is handcrafted so its teeth touch through the middle of the comb. This makes Grip-Tuth® different and better than all other sidecombs. Only Grip-Tuth® combs have touching teeth. The touching teeth g-r-i-p gently, and securely hold all hair types. Grip-Tuth® works equally well on fine and thin hair as well as thick, coarse and hard-to-manage hair. 

When you insert the sidecomb, your hair gets locked in above the touching teeth, which work like a "flexible spring." Your hair can't slip past the touching teeth. The comb stays put; it's both comfortable and secure. Your hairstyle lasts, finally you get the Good Hair Days® you've always wanted.

Grip-Tuth® Sidecombs

Grip-Tuth® hairtainer sidecombs give you just what you need to create long-lasting, hassle-free hairstyles as individual as you are. When you are ready for a quality sidecomb that really grips and holds, ask for Grip-Tuth®.

Inferior imitations have spaces between the teeth that lets your hair slide out strand by strand.  The sidecomb falls out repeatedly.  You're constantly resetting your hair all day long.  Why waste your time and energy on this daily inconvenience?

See the space between the teeth on the inferior comb.

Grip-Tuth products are made in the USA.

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